Monday, August 22, 2011

Those Grade Four Moments I So Dearly Miss

Memoirs of me as a grade four pupil eight years ago flashed back as I silently and carefully watched the kids doing some seat exercises during my Field Study in Candau-ay Elementary School, Dumaguete City. I jotted some of the things that amused me. Read on.

1. A sleepy teacher in an afternoon class.
2. Curios eyes deliberately inspecting the Education student observing.
3. A piece of food secretly passed from one pupil to another. Just beware of the teacher's cunning eyes. If she catches you, she will surely send you out.
4. A child approaching another classmate to ask for paper.
5. Children flocking the teacher's table to have their papers checked.
6. Boorish yet sweet glances of a boy to a girl across the table.
7. Children shouting "Not yet ma'am" in chorus after the teacher asks, "Are you done?"
8. Children using their fingers in getting the products of multiplication problems.
9. A pupil who shouts "Finish" after he/she finishes answering a test. This is for bragging purposes.
10. A child rocking his chair in boredom.
11. A child gnawing a plastic balloon with all delight. (Eew!)
12. A child licking her fingers after an enjoying munch of her favorite chocolate treat. (No matter how dirty her finger can be.)
13. A child extending his arm in patience just to have a share of what the other children are eating.
14. A child keeping a "kodigo" (cheat) of the multiplication table below her desk because she cannot memorize it.
15. A group of boys talking about a tragic event they saw on TV.
16. A group of pupils writing the answers on their palms.
17. The pupils as noisy as can be the moment the teacher goes out.

I might add more to these on the next time I observe elementary schools again. 

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