Friday, October 8, 2010

Random Thoughts Part 5

Nothing on my mind. My mind is blank. Two editors asked me to do something -- an environmental trivia and an editorial, to be exact. And here I am, seated, doing nothing but wallow myself in emptiness. My head has nothing in it. I am having a hard time constructing creative sentences and ideas these times. Perhaps because it has been used up with the recent final examinations. I am so sorry if I have been a procrastinator but I just can't force myself to do something especially when I am not inspired to do so. I won't make new promises but I will try to finish both assignments before Sunday this week.

Goodbye Finals, hello retake. The examination in Trigonometry recently concluded and I am not sure if I got my answers right. I was unfortunately placed in front, so I never had a time to "volts in". Once outside, our classmates were very proud of saying that they have successfully answered everything because they did the "volts in". One even said that he filled his shoes with scratch papers and it's already irritating his feet. He was laughing when he shared that. Good thing for them. They were not discovered of their anomalies and they have given good answers on their papers. Well, cheating is an art but when discovered, becomes a crime. They have proven it.

Happy Birthday Nay! Today is her 42nd birthday. It never came into my mind to give her a present since I don't have a dummy to buy one but I know she knows her eldest daughter loves her so much. Happy munching Nay. I am looking forward to a dainty dinner tonight. (hehehe)

Friday Highlights. Students rejoice when Friday comes but I think this is not my time for that yet. I failed in my Jive performance and we have to do it again tomorrow. I still do not have a partner and I am hesitant to do the dance for I have forgotten the steps already. So help me God!

For so many times now, I will be going home late and it would mean catching a crowded bus. The worse thing is that I am wearing my uniform and I believe I have to be standing again for failing to find a seat and quick. I so hate that part. But I have to endure that episode just to reach home. Aja to me!

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