Thursday, October 28, 2010

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

I have been praying for this thing for quite some time already. This is one of the things that my family is scarce of but never was deprived of. As I said my morning prayer, I humbly asked God to provide the enough amount for my tuition fee. I will never be able to enroll without it. After saying amen and jumping out of bed, I heard my father ask, "Nya  naka-pray naka para pang tuition nimu?" He got a positive answer from me. Well I guess something's coming. 

He then said, "Aw mag prepare ka na eh kay may-ara to karun ma-abot. Hulata lang mag-9." My heart sank into the deep corners of my abdomen. I can't believe God can answer a prayer as fast as that. Well, He just proved to me for a millionth time that nothing is impossible if I will just put my 101% faith in Him.

So there I was, very much pleased of what my day has come to. What I need now is a little bit more of patience and perseverance, perhaps an inspiration too, then I'm good as done. ♥

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