Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Life Unexpected

I don't have to settle for mediocrity but if that is the only level I can afford, then why not try it? It won't kill a fly anyway.

This is the life I have -- silent, and oftentimes, filled with serendipitous moments. What a beauty, what an awesome life. Sometimes, I curse and ask why I have to pass hardships and loop holes. Why can't I just be happy everyday, worry-free? But that is not the life God wanted me to have. He wanted a challenge. He wanted to test me, not because He seeks for my destruction, but because He wanted me to be stronger and ready for the next round. He wanted me to cling on to Him no matter what.

I've always hated P.E. and now that it's over, I have nothing to worry anymore, except for my grade perhaps. This day is the start of our semestral break and though there are still things to do on the next few days, I am quiet sure I'm gonna be feeling alright during those days.

Though trying to forget the man whom I am obsessed with, my alter ego seems to find ways to get near him. Oh taray! And yes, I had those chances. Secret na namu tong Cheeno ug Tonio ug Liting. Hay! Kandila! 

This is life. This is where I am, and no matter what, I won't give up for God keeps me standin' and fightin'. ♥


  1. ...alright then..i have to comment para ma uwat nako akong self the next time i log in this account of mine.. hehe...sadya ni...perpik

  2. uwat na jud ko...ako jud syang gi tan-aw...hehe


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