Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Much Do You Love Trigo?

If you ask me, I'd rather not tell. If you ask my father, he'd just smile. If you ask my mother, she'd giggle. If you ask our dog, you'd only get a bark. 

You want the truth? Here's the big and obvious one. I hate Trigonometry as much as I hate eating okra. I hate traffic, I hate P.E., I hate being late, I hate my skinny feature (but not to the extreme), I hate watching golf on t.v., I hate ostentators, and I hate TRIGONOMETRY. I don't blame the teacher for that but maybe, he gets a share of the blame. I am super dumb in Math but I think I can do solutions if provided with the following: a calculator, a ream of scratch papers, a box of pen, and an Albert Einstein brain. 

Too bad I am not like some of my classmates who keep on encouraging me to answer the activities because 'it's just easy'. Too bad they don't have a brain like mine for if they do, they would absolutely say that it's not worth to be a Math hater. I am trying to love it and even made efforts to learn more about it; I asked a friend to teach me calculate Inverse Functions and he has to adjust his schedule just for that tutorial. I also asked a couple of my TN colleagues to try to solve the given problems. I told our Math wizard that if ever I am not going to get out of the loop, I will just copy his work. Too bad! That's the only option I have left. 

God bless my final exam on TRIGONOMETRY. But please, not the retake! :'(

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