Saturday, October 9, 2010

Self-Enhancement Seminars Can Be So Self-Enhancing

I never expected to be in that seminar with my fellow scholars. I was invited but did not even had plans of going to the function hall to join the group. Unfortunately, a colleague of mine was the vice president of NSF (NORSU Scholars' Federation) and so I have to be there to show that I am cooperative. 

Thanks to Dr. Noel Yasi, who happened to be the Scholarship Coordinator of NORSU and the guest speaker of the event, I was able to jot down thought-provoking statements that made me nod my head every now and then. 

"It's not on the kind but on the manner it was given." He said this after he related a story about how he made an effort to look for a wonderful and expensive gift for his manita (a figurine, he specifically said) but ended up receiving a box of soap. He was hysteric and threw the soap away but the giver, upon seeing what was done to her gift, said, "Ayaw pud tawon ing-atua akong regalo nimu. I bought that with the last few cents of my allowance." Until now, he shared that he can never forget that incident. Who wouldn't be?

"A positive attitude is not a destination. It is a way of life."

"Our life is a reflection of our attitude."

"It's not on the event but on how you perceive the event." I remembered my P.E. when he mentioned this. Perhaps, it truly was my negative perception towards P.E. that made me hate it. But I won't change my mind. I still hate it. 

"When you think you'll lose, why join the race in the first place?" True. True. True. It would be better to be a quitter na lang. Magpuyo sa daplin. :0p

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