Monday, October 3, 2011

Hello Finals, Hello October

I'll KISS this. (News jargon for KEEP IT SHORT AND SIMPLE)

I had my Geometry exam this morning, and I felt like I just had an aneurism. It was hard, though I got some answers right. Unfortunately, there were more unsure items, so I think I have to get myself ready for a removal exam. huhu. Bakit pa kasi ako ipinanganak na bobo sa Math?

Anyway, that vindicated my gloomy October, though I had a really great time in Jimalalud last Saturday and Sunday. I'll make the story once the photos will be uploaded. And as what I have said, I'll just make this post short and simple. I still have things to edit, read, and encode. 

Happy October, everyone. Happy October 8th nanay.


  1. bobo din ako sa math! ito ba official blog mo? dami kasi eh!

  2. yes :) this is my official blog.

    I just deleted the rest. Thanks for droppin'

  3. sa history lisod pud... we had our examination kanina and it was mind-wracking...

    sir included the dates, people, enumeration, supply the missing letters.

    grabehhh.. lisod jud...


  4. wooow! friday pa nuon amua..pero i thought madala ra...sayun ra man iyaha midterms gud :/

  5. Wala naman bobo.hehehe..cguru magaling ka lang sa ibang subjects compare sa math.kaya mo yan, give time sa math at malelearn mo din yan :-)

  6. @GbSb: parang ganon na nga..I love English so much parang di na madigest ng utak ko ang Math..



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