Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This kiddie song was taught by my mother during Sunday Schools, and until now, I still love to hum the tune. I do not only remember my childhood, I also am reminded about Jesus' coming to earth soon. It makes me get more excited each day to behold His glorious face. ^_^

Somewhere in outer space
God has prepared a place 
For those who trust Him and obey
Jesus will come again
And though we don't know when
The countdown's getting lower everyday.

Ten and nine, eight and seven,
Six and five and four
Call upon the Saviour while you may.
Three and two
Coming thru the clouds in bright array
The countdown's getting lower everyday.


  1. Wow.. Loser ako. Di ko to naalala.. ngek. Di ko nga alam kung naituro ito sa amin sa school.. :(

  2. ..okay lang naman po :) pwede kita turuan..hehehe


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