Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Boys, My Boys :0)

The night crept like a silent salamander. It invaded the skies without us noticing it. Mister Sun gave a yawn and said goodbye while the rest of us are still busy with our tasks -- checking papers, entertaining questions, giving lectures, so on and so forth.

But of course, everything has to end. They are just kids.They aren't used to staying up late yet. So they also said their goodbyes after asking for our numbers and getting a dose of our narcissism. See you soon kiddos!

After fulfilling a promise, our souls were at ease. We could finally go home. Nonetheless, we could not refuse the free dinner so off we went to their park for a delightful meal. Being there was something I sought for after all the pressures and constraints in school -- relief, comfort, happiness.

Being there was discovering the deeper meaning of love for children. And yes, someone helped me realize that. His name was Jeru, a little boy about 3 to 5 years old, with a pair of singkit eyes and a wonderfully-carved lips. Who would even think that behind his smiles and wit lies a loom of secrets worth unfolding?

After eating, hawak-hawak ang tooth pick.
He was a product of delinquency, a son of a drug addict mother who was once an OFW. His mother can speak good English, but she wasn't a good mother. Now, they roam around the park to witness what life is for the rest of the commoners in that town.

One question remained in me even after they have went on their way. "What will happen to him, that little Jeru?"

Not only that. I also made an encounter with yet another boy. He was playing in the field -- soccer daw -- with a deflated volleyball and a thin friend. I just couldn't help but have a picture with him, kasi nga ang laki. But despite his enormity, he was still able to run and play with his peer. Hopefully soon, he will also realize that he needs to have a diet. Hoo! Kawawa naman.

Cape of Good Hope!
Kasya ako brod..


  1. LIKE! :)

    Di ko ka-imagine ma-ing-ana ka katambok Ling! haha :D

  2. thanks for visiting my blog orange pulps!

    btw, you have such a cute blog name. :)

    Happy teacher's day! :)

  3. mr. sun does tend to do that:)
    like that salamander line.
    funny photos:)

  4. juri's eyes are like mine>>>>>1☺♂☺


    happy teachers day all..

  5. hahahah.. Rolyn?.. mura kag CONJOINED TWINS... or parasite ka nga nitubo sa living body sa TAMBOK nga bata>....

  6. @kuri: salamat po sa bati :)
    @ed: thank you...more pensive lines soon..
    @albert: yeah..when I saw him, i remembered of you..
    @ivan: haha..he is so cute (and huge) in person
    @mandy: thank you.


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