Monday, October 10, 2011


Late upload of photos, but this one was last Saturday, right after we have realized semestral break has come. With the remaining allowance that we have, my dear friend and I went to buy some vintage necklaces. Pretty much...but it meant goodbye to our money. Now that sembreak has conquered, wala na kami pera.



  1. Yay to all things vintage! :)

    I was constantly broke when I was in college. LOL.

  2. So this is the reason why you was not able to sign out from your fb account? lol...

    THE NECKLACES ARE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!1

  3. haha...maybe yes..i really forgot about it...tsk3

    thank you...better come with us the next time we shop for more ^_^

  4. it's alright girl.. what matters was you enjoyed your necklace! following you now!

  5. i'm sooo loving it! hahaha.

    Naka-sala ra ba jud ta ani ling. haha.

    Goodluck to us! :)

  6. College was fun indeed, but I loved to shop even then and my parents... well, let's just say that they did not tolerate my "bad habit" for too long. Kaya I couldn't wait to get a job then.

  7. ang yaman yaman may pambili ng maraming necklace ^_^

  8. @aria: wow...nakakaubos din naman ng pera (and I mean fast) ang shopping..i just do my shopping pag sweldo time nah...hehe

    @kikilabotz: haha..di naman...apat lang nabili namin..the rest ay display lang sa tindahan..haha

  9. haha :) lagot ka.. ala kana pera, ala ng allowance.. Pero naman nice stuffs kasi, If I were in your shoes I'll buy dozens of those stuffs too....

    >> nabawe lang ^_~

  10. @ferry: hihi..tamah..hurot jud ang kwarta ^_^

    but nanay and tatay still gives konti...hambait ~_^


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