Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Jimalalud Galore

Our task was not easy. But we nailed it, yes. Our presence there was a gift for them.

October 1st. Mister Sun wasn't up yet, but I have to prepare. The night before was a stress (I came home late just to finish the hand-outs for the lecture the next day. I slept late, around 12:30 a.m., to sort the school papers that I have to bring.) and I cannot afford to be late for today, even just for today.

After all the necessities have been ready, I bid nanay and tatay goodbye, hailed an air-conditioned bus to Dumaguete, and another one to Jimalalud, with my co-editors Rina and Kenneth. The two-hour drive to the "Little Big Town of Jimalalud" was seemingly quick and in no time, we found ourselves in the confines of Jimalalud National High School, the alma mater of our Features Editor, Ryan. Everyone, especially Ma'am Beth and her bestfriend, whom I failed to get the name, was so accomodating. I finally felt how it was to be the special guest lecturer. I do hope there will be more of these lecture thingy in the near future. 

I vindicate thee, Jimalalud, with a pose.

Lecture time. They all seem ready.
And lunch...
And lunch!
With Minute Maid...Orange pulps :)
And a dose of Orange Ink :)
Break time.
Impeccable timing
Sunset blues.
The peace sign and the kiddos!
On editorial cartooning
They listened intently. I know they are willing to learn.
Nag drawing din.
On Column writing
And write what your heart desires.
Memorabilia before going home.
Dropped at the Jimalalud park...for supper.
Waited for a bus to come (but we weren't still able to go home dahil super gabi nah)
Stayed overnight sa "kamalig" of one of the teachers.
And finally went home safe the next day.


  1. hahaha... makasuya....

    but, i'D rather go shopping. lol

  2. ang pangutana, naa kay kwarta? heheheheh

  3. Sarap nung sagin na latondan :-)

  4. @gbsb: check :) masarap talaga yan...

    @silktycoon: student-teacher...hopefully soon, magiging teacher na 'ko

  5. it's funny how the sunglasses fit you!.. during your breaktime label
    hahahahaha33 (same with lycel)

  6. What happened to ur fingers??
    During your peace nga hulgway??
    is ur fingers are very separated..


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