Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pineapple Raindrops

This isn't officially goodbye...just a short hiatus for the Semestral Break. Before my dudes and I separate for the mini-holiday, we spent the night at the Buglasan Festival venue to unwind a little bit and to have a feel of the province's joviality. After this, tulog muna ako sa "banga". Ayoko muna mag Facebook at mag blog. ^_^ Tulog muna ako ng matagal...and after the hibernation (haha), malamang enrolment na for the second semester. God bless you mga dudes! I shall return! ^_^

naki-picnik lang po with two of my best buds ^_^
strolls would always end up to poses like this ^_^

more of the these photos here :)

kakapagod na kasi mag upload...di cooperative ang blogger ngayon


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