Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The First-Day Spoiler

Well and good. First day of classes is almost over. But I think I still haven't put off that ugly habit of mine. Many times have I posted of events that placed me in an embarrassing situation, and Little Miss Late's photo above has already appeared twice already.

Okay. Here's the catch. First day of classes for the second semester and I am late -- AGAIN. ^_^ For the nth time, I have entered into my classes, opened doors of classrooms, and made the murmuring teachers pause for a while because someone was at the door, trying to come in and trying to make a mask of grimace just to hide that true abashed countenance. Well, that's me. And it would be a miracle if I can make it on or before the time.

Little Miss Late (ORANGE) !


  1. tsktsktsk -->> naku!! you must be aware of your time soon!! kasi mahirapan ka kapag nag work kana!!! and am sure you wouldn't want to hear those murmurs from your boss..

    >> you can do that, sis @_@

  2. Haha. Okay lang yan. Just make sure early kana next time :)

  3. Hahaha! It's better late than never diba? :) are we following each other's blog na ba? :) Let me know.


  4. @albert: econ :) hehe

    @ate ferry: yes indeed. that is what my father keeps on telling me. salamat muli sa paalala. i am just a slow poke kasi. i hope i can do this. early na next time! aja! ^_^

    @ate rina: opo. bukas dapat di na late.

    @jewel: i have followed you already. but i think you haven't followed back. :)

  5. welcome back on blogosphere orange..I added u in my links

  6. that is so cute! <3 I'm always late too hehe. now following, your blog is sweet!



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