Friday, November 11, 2011

The 11.11.11 Phenomenon

Di ko namalayan na November 11, 2011 pala ngayon, a phenomenon which is once in a lifetime. I know dumaan na ang 10.10.10, ang 09.09.09, ang 08.08.08, ang 07.07.07, so on and so forth, but during those dates, talagang walang-wala ako. As in wala sa consciousness ko ang dates na yan. And since this is the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11th year of the 21st century, here are the things that I have accomplished and has happened today:

1. I finished the script for the Film Fest Competition. I was cramming to have it done, but it paid. Thank God, nagustuhan naman ng mga actresses at actors sa college namin. (wala na kasi sila choice but to like it) Tomorrow, we will have a dry-run of the story so watch out na lang kung magiging early na ba ako or late pa rin. haha. What a life! ^_^

2. Bumalik na ang tubig sa water closet sa college namin. Na flush na rin ang wee-wee ko, sa wakas. haha.

3. Na late na naman ako sa Political Science class namin. But at least I made it to the checking of the attendance. Thanks to the prayer na inialay ni Ma'am Estoconing to God before the class. hihi.

4. Nakita ko na naman ang crush ko. Next Monday ulit crush ha.

5. I received a blog award from Albert, a friend from the blogosphere and an equal in the publication. Thank you so much gurl. Mwah ^_^

6. I heard that Mang Inasal is offering P29 on their meals. Ewan ko lang kung totoo.

7. May nagparamdam sa Facebook ko. A "someone" from the past. haha.

8. Gusto ko mag-overnight sa office. Wala lang. But I have to go home.

9. I received my pay today. Yehey! Mayaman na naman ako (in the meantime) haha. One-day millionaire kum baga.

10. And the last thing? Hmmm.There was a candle lighting sa Freedom Park kanina. For world peace daw. -_-


  1. Yay! Makiki Happy 11.11.11 na rin ako! hehe.. Nagpabook na sa airlines kasi andaming 11peso seat sale. hehe

    Ambilis lng ng panahon..

  2. Gusto ko yung Mang Inasal P29, mapuntahan nga. Nice Post..

  3. :) talaga ngang time flies so swiftly...

    God bless you. ♥

  4. There are many people who choose to get married that day :)


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