Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Orange Pulps and the Cold Hands

Day 2 for the second semester. Second post for the month of November. Another day to meet another set of classmates and teachers for another set of MWF subjects. And guess what? I was late for my first subject in the morning -- AGAIN. I don't mean to brag about my bad habit, but it just happened again. :'( At least I was not that late. The teacher just came earlier than I did, so I was considered a little bitty tinie late. ^_^

More so, the reason for this post to exist is because of something (or let's say 'someone') that I discovered upon entering the class late. He was there. OM! Classmates mi, my goodness! I saw him on the opposite far right side of the room, radiating in his white course t-shirt.

All this time, I was aware that he has only two minor subjects left and he has mentioned me those two. I just forgot about it. And today, just today, I realized one of his minor subjects is a minor of mine, too. I do not know what to feel -- to be jovial because I will be seeing him thrice a week starting today before his apprenticeship next year, or to be pressured because he is a bright stude (it would mean a mutual competition).

But no, this must not go on. This 'mutual something' going on between us mustn't. Not yet. Whatever feeling this is must not go on. We are just friends, close SMS friends. Something from high school was held responsible for this friendship of ours to bloom beautifully, and I dunno if I have to be grateful for it or not.

Anyhow, please pardon my puerile rants. It's just that I kept on thinking about the percentage of chances that we'll become classmates in that subject. And I know that everytime I keep on thinking about things, it won't happen. It's the opposite. When I do not think about it, it happens.

So I really did a very good thinking time before arriving to my first classroom in the morning. I know it won't happen. But now, it's different. Now that I thought about it, it did happen. *grrr!

Mr. Walt Disney, what is the meaning of this?


  1. OM talaga. haha C rolynski inlab? :)
    That's better. You won't afford to be late cause you already found your reason to be early even before on time :D

  2. what else can I say!! inlove ka nga ija ♥_♥ (hihi)

    >> impress him by being an early bird (amf)!!

    >> just don't think about what will happen next, sabi mo nga para yung mga hindi mo expected eh!! tompak!!

  3. who is it orange?

    nevermind if it's the second time of your late habit. geographically speaking, your abode is really far from school--not a stone-throw but a kilometer-away.

    have a nice day! i will join the squad.

  4. @ate rina: hahaha...di man ko inlab...^_^ gikuyawan ra ko ganina pero maanad na ko ana pagka dugay..

    @ate ferry: pasaway na talaga ako..hehe..i'll try to be more early on in talaga ^_^

    @albert: apil pud ko squad..haha..daghan na ta :) secret na nah nako noh kung sino sya.. :P

  5. Naku.. wag pigilan. Love should be shared.. Maybe just control a little bit, but never stop showing that you care. sige ka, magkakapimpol ka nyan.. ayiiii!!!

    Now you have reasons NOT to be late sa subjects mo. lols..

  6. Yes yes, I know exactly how you feel. When I think a lot about something I think is going to happen, it doesn't happen.And the other way around. So frustrating, lol.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it.
    I love your blog, so cute! Specially the background with the birds and the coconut tree :P

  7. ganahan ko sa pic sa panit sa orange... XD


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