Friday, November 18, 2011

Today, I...

...became a judge :♥
The announcement was almost random during our meeting at the school publication. Since we are a campus-wide media outlet, two representatives from the pub must become one of the judges for the upcoming Mr. and Ms. NORSU Press Conference in line with the Negros Oriental State University's Founders Day (soon). So there I was, seated on the blue chair with the rest of the judges. It wasn't my first time to become a judge but this one is different. This is a big event. This is something. My once "critiquing skills" which I am very sure only my family hears everytime I watch local pageantries both live and on TV have now been discovered, and I have to adjudge 14 pairs of candidates for their wit and intelligence, articulation, personality, and appeal. And this time, my rating and "critiquing skills" would surely matter already. What an achievement. *hahaha.

(please click the images for more ORANGE pulps)

Pakihanap na lang po sa pagmumukha ko. Salamat. ^_^
Busy. The contestants have to be deliberated well. Hirap maging judge.
On the judges' table before the PressCon proper.
And after...of course. Uy Albert, your pretty eyes uleeet ha! ^_^

...exhausted myself to another squad practice :)
The competition is nearing and as the keeper of the 1st runner-up position, we have to either retain the position, or get the champion trophy this year. More practice, more furnishing of the yells and routines, more mastery, more divine help and protection. We did some rounds of our squad practice this afternoon and at least hooked it, impressed the trainer on the way. Tomorrow, we are expecting for another trainer to return and give us another exhaustive training. May we win this year. Yeah!

Photos from last year's squad. At least this is how we'll look like later on. ^_^
Hanapin n'yo uleeet ako. I'll give you a ♥ if you can locate me. hihi
More updates on the nearing blessed days to come. God bless you!


  1. Naks.. naging judge. IKAW NA! :P

    Naku, ayoko talagang maging judge sa kahit na anong pakontes.. lagi kasing merong questions sa huli. Daming sore losers. hehe.. Eh critic pa naman ako. I always look for flaws..

    One time, I became a judge.. naging controversial masyado ang pagkatalo ng isang contestant.. because I stated her flaws. Like mababa tlga ang score ko. Eh dami kong napansin na mali eh, di ko kasalanan yun..

    Ayun.. nagwelga. lol.. joke. nagreklamo lang kasi talo sya.. eh di ipinakita ko yung judge's card. Iniexplain ko din sa kanya na parang grade1.

    After that, hindi nako nagjudge. lol

    Nagkwento tlga noh? Lols..

  2. Huwaw! Gusto ko rin mag judge. Pero ayun nga, mahirap talaga maging judge. Idaan nalang sa botohan! :D

  3. @ate leah: mas grabeh ka pa pala talaga mag judge ate still state the flaws...kung ako makarinig ng mali, i just keep it to myself...hehe..anyway, ang maganda sa pagiging judge eh yung parang important ka. haha.

    @jewel: tama ^_^ mas mabuti pa maging audience na lang. :D

  4. Hahaha wow congrats on getting the change to be a judge!
    Wow that's a lot of training, have fun and all the best :D

  5. Who's your bet for the Darling of the Press Award?? Miss CBA is a stunner. Miss CED showed her very version of Supsup's 'tsunami walk' kaso nga lang, medyo slight yung quake na yumanig kaya naging 'balod walk.' haha. Miss CNDPAHS is genius. Miss CAS is nevermind.

    Sa squad congrats sa inyong lahat. I will be undergoing hibernation this time o maybe a torpor para short lang. No more strenous activities baka kasi mabinat ako at lumala ang aking cough. Wish you all the best! Balita ko talabangon ang squad?

  6. Hai! naku.. kitang kita ka sa last years squad picture mo 'te!! ikaw yong.. pinakamaliit at skinny.. hahahaha.. u cant deny!

  7. hello pretty :) I got an award for you :)


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