Monday, January 9, 2012

Hey! I'm Back

Skipping the month of December and a couple of days for the month of January this year without posting anything in this blog is a tragic experience for a self-proclaimed chronic blogger like me. hmmf! But yeah, I'm back, really back, with a whole new look -- fresh blog skin and a self-made header. (hihi)

I told myself not to write anything, or do anything which will make me do a post unless everything, from the header to the blog skin, is set for public viewing. I first asked a pub artist who's good at Photoshop to do the header for me and with a seemingly hesitant countenance, he tried it. The outcome? Nada. Not a single attempt. It led me to search for tutorials online and read, and read. The easiest instructions that I stumbled upon was from this site and it used, so hooray for today. Hooray for Monday! (I still thank him for not doing my requested header because I learned to do one. I learned something today.) ^^

Btw, I used for making my header, and another colleague of mine in the school pub is trying to do the same for her blog. ^_^ Just feel free to make your Orange stroll in my new blog, and remember to leave your Orange peels behind. I missed you. 


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  2. ORANGE!!! Hehehe... That's my favorite fruit along with raw mangoes. Anyways, welcome back!!! Keep posting!!! :)

    this is jelai of I moved my blog, and I hope you'll follow me here too. I'll be glad..


  3. the appearance of your blog is refreshing and for me it looks healthy :) orange lightens my day.

    A fresh start for a new year.

  4. @jelai: tapos na po :) i also love raw mangoes, grabeh! na miss ko tuloy ang lumang bahay namin.hehe

    @albert: hahaha. vice? ikaw ba yan?

    @sey: thank you sey. i'm really happy that you appreciated my blog ♥ :)


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