Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Spectrum Fellowship 2012 (A Bliss)

For many days, I have been away, and was not able to fill this blank page with sensibilities. Well, I was literally away, went to Talisay City to be exact. The news might be late, but I know it would be worth posting for the photos have finally been uploaded. Thanks to Kenneth

What Did We Do There? 

Inside the bus to Talisay City...
Joey: Kuya, naa kay plastic?
Ryan: Naa.
Joey: Tag-pila mana kuya?
Ryan: Tag singkwinta. *lelz
Joey: Ay Bonamine na lang ako uy, barato pa.

See for yourself :)
We went there to attend a three-day seminar on Campus Journalism and to hope of winning an award for our school publication. It was my second time to attend The Spectrum Fellowship, first of which was last year, wherein our school won the Best News Story, Best Editorial Cartoon, and Best Editorial awards. 

After a tiring seven-hour land trip to the neighboring province, Negros Occidental, we safely arrived at the Nature's Village Resort in Talisay City. We arrived late, but it was fine. The accommodation was great anyhow.
the venue, as cold as ice -_-
blurry, but I was absolutely listening huh! 
hanapin n'yo ko ^^
I missed a lot of the Fellowship, though. I could have met Butch Dalisay for the Literary Writing lecture but I have to go home to attend another important seminar. -_- I just spent an overnight there and went home. *deep sigh

The Best Part

"Kung gusto mo'ng makipagkilala sa isang babae, ano ang una mo'ng sasabihin?" Answering his own question, he said, "Miss, you look anxious. You wanna talk 'bout it?" The room was suddenly filled with boisterous laughs. 

Before I could find myself running around the bush, let me tell you the best part of that seminar. Hmmph! Are you familiar with BOB ONG? Like yes! BOB ONG. The real man. I saw him in person, and I never thought that day would come.

At first, only rumors of him being the real Bob Ong just filled the atmosphere. I was 30% sure that time that he indeed was the authentic icon. With his humorous punchlines and oh so natural way of injecting humor to his statements, who would not think that he is not Bob? From the beginning of his lecture 'til the end of the open forum, he kept on denying that he was Bob Ong. I believed him. What is, rumors!

However, the moment of truth finally came. With the confession of one of the organizers while we were engrossed in a conversation that night, he admitted to me that he was really Bob Ong. Then, I just froze, maybe for a while. I grinned my widest grin and patted him at the back. "Thanks. S'ya pala talaga si Bob Ong?"

He nodded. I was just absolutely right for asking him to spare me his attention. Pang camera lang po. Before I could agree with the rest of the mob that he was indeed Bob Ong, I already had suspicions of his identity. These were the first words that flashed on the white screen the moment he invaded the stage:


"Aside from writing Nursing books, he also releases a variety of literary scripts, and books under a pseudonym." This was written under his description on the itinerary of the Spectrum.

And I asked him this during the open forum,"Sino po ba mas magaling? Ikaw o si Bob Ong?"

He answered, "Syempre ako." *laughs

there he was...
BOB ONG. Gosh!
I am just so sorry but he wants his identity concealed. Otherwise, his Bob Ong pseudonym won't do any good any more. That's why I blurred his image. hehe. Sorry. :)

Our Sweet Haven

"Your home away from home. Have a happy stay mams, sirs." And he closed the door behind him.

This should be featured because undeniably, the resort was so nice. The ambient features of Nature's Village Resort was mind-relaxing and soothing. Di na 'ko magpapaligoy pa. Eto na talaga. 

char lang ^^

the mini bar :) 
Sadly, Picnik is closing this coming April 19,2012, my number one site for editing photos, (di kasi ako marunong mag Adobe Photoshop) so I spent time editing these photos, auto-fixed and cross-processed each. I will surely miss Picnik. huhuh :'(

But on the other hand, the Seminar ended with a bliss. Major euphoria. ^^ More stories to tell on my next post. Adios!


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  3. Hello, Batang *toooott* Ikaw nay fill in the blank ana ha. Haha. Starring ming Joey bai. :)

  4. hellow back! :) just thought i'd say hi and hope all is well... have a great week!

  5. oh and btw, i'm the 100th follower of your blog :) i feel a bit, just a tad special... haha :D

  6. kanami gid kayu mo didto gurl sa? maypa niuban ko. huhu.

  7. It's cool that you got to meet Bob Ong. Haha, I don't really read his books, but he's kind of a legend amongst my peers. :)

  8. @ryan: batang ano? hmp! -_-

    i was supposed to link you but i forgot. ayaw na lang ha. hehe

  9. @vin: thank you vin for being the 100th follower. with that, i won't forget you. hehe :)

  10. @albert: i told you. excuse letter ray daug ana. tsk3.

  11. @nastassia: try reading his books and you will really like it. his books are humorous but it has societal implications. :)

  12. Just dropping by. Love your blogspot. Hope to see more. Henry.


  13. ..how i wish i was there too! o.M!
    oh well,, better luck next tym jeLA!..

  14. ..how i wish i was there too! o.M!
    oh well,, better luck next tym jeLA!..

  15. @henry: ikaw man diay nah. thank you for dropping by :)

    @jela: yes. i told you to go with us. may next year pa naman. hehehe ^^

  16. wow nameet mo talaga si bob ong?!!! you na!!!

  17. @iya: yes po :) sya talaga yon. *breathless.


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