Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Are You Normal?

She is often teased by her friends because her crush is not a human being (since birth). Her crush is an anime, ever since Slam Dunk invaded the televisions of every homes. After that, she had no other crushes anymore. She is sometimes asked why she is still single for 18 years already. She is also asked if she is a man-hater. She just shrugs her shoulders and smiles. She is laughed at when she cannot get a joke right or when she does not react according to how a conversation should get a response. She's not me. She's my friend, my close and dear friend. 

She might not be normal, according to her, but today was noteworthy. Today is different. Today is February the first, and today, she found out that she is normal after all. 

While sitting beside me inside the TN office...

Isra: Ros, feel nako normal na ko. [Ros, I think I am already normal.]
Me: Kay? (serious, seemingly disturbed by her statement) [Because...]
Isra: Naa na koy crush. *babyish laugh* [I have a crush already.]
Me: *pout lips* Ay, si Rukawa na pud na sah? haha. [Ay, that's Rukawa again.]
Isra: Dili uy. Tawo na jud s'ya. Tinuod na ni. [No. This time, it's a true human being.] 
Me: As in? (with an excited tone)
Isra: Oo. Naa na. [Yes, I have.]
Me: Kinsa? [Who?]
Isra: *hesitant but later on gave in* Katong classmate nato sa Pol Sci nga pution gani. Katong burag but-anon ug nawong. (laughs again) [Remember our classmate in Pol Sci? The fair one? The one whose face looked kind?]
Me: Ahh. Yeah, he's cute. Nice jud ka ug choice Xang ha. [Nice choice Xang.]
Isra: *laughs again*
Me: Okay. We'll call him Snow White from now on.
She just nodded. 

I am so happy for her because she has finally found her crush, human crush. I kept on telling her before to look for a cute boy around the campus, just for the sake of inspiration. She did not like the idea, and I respect her. Well, I have my own crush, and she was contented of taunting me with him. Now, already I have a very good reason to taunt her back. *kiddy laugh*


  1. Hahaha! Kakyut! Meron din akong crush dati, si Robert Akizuki.. Masked Rider Black! hihi.. Ngayon, di ko na alam kung saan na si Robert. :p

    Naging crush ko din si Tamahome. Ang gwapo nya!!! LOL..

    Anyway, ayos lang naman magka-crush sa isang anime. hehe. crush lang naman, pero syempre, iba pa rin ang kilig pag totoong tao na.

    Ay bakit Snow White? eh babae yun. hehe.. Sana, Prince Charming na lang. :p

  2. LMAO! that's funny! great entry, enjoyed it much so... :)

  3. Maybe it wasn't just the right time then for her to admire someone but I am glad that she's over with the anime and found her human crush.

    hala nagka-crush din kaya ako sa anime. (weird but true)

  4. hahahah. dalaga nah c isra rolskie :D:D:D

  5. @ate leah: crush ko si takumi. hehe. 'di ko rin alam kung bakit snow white. hehe. maybe because maputi sya. hehe. :)

    @vin: thank you vin. hehe ;)

  6. @sey: yes, maybe. and i am just happy for her dahil may crush na sya. :) sa wakas

    @conney: tamah jud conch. umaasenso na.

  7. narealize na ni Isra na panahon na para buksan ang kanyang puso para umibig at tumanggap ng isang espesyal na tao na magmamahal sa kanya habang buhay. good choice! puti jud!

  8. @albert: wow. straight filipino. magaling albert. :D

    btw, tama nga naman ang sinabi mo. panahon na para sya ay "mag-admire". next to that would be "magmahal". :)

  9. Crush ko rin syaaa!! hahahahaha :D ano ba yan, marami ata tayo. :D

    Jewel Clicks

  10. who can blame your friend?? The guys in animes are sooo cute and cool. I love Tasuki of Fushigi yugi! I once wished I could meet a guy who's just like him! Haha.

  11. @jewel: haha. check. ba't kasi ang ku-kyut nila.

    @eprilis: i just admire how the artists draw those animes. super cool. ♥

  12. ay! Ganun..... hahahaha.. nice conversation plot!!!.. hahaha...


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