Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Thoughts Part 19

If you want to forget someone, mean it. Dili kay mag send-send ka ug quotes dayun kung mu reply kiligon pud ka. Mura kag adik ana.

I was scrolling down my posts when I saw the title "Random Thoughts Part 19" with the boldfaced texts above written on the blank sheet, saved as draft. I remembered how my annoyed classmate read this to me after knowing that I still have a crush on my ex-crush (pagpasensyahan n'yo nah kung ako'y super childish. hanggang crush lang kasi alam ko sa buhay. hihi). 

Well, that was so three months ago, and now, I am absolutely fine. With another crush and with another smile to adore, I know I am living a normal life. haha. 

The thought that he invited me (this new crush) to this Ringhop Party thingy in their college made me more flattered than usual, although the way he asked me to attend the party was weirdly done, I should say. I will not spill it in this post yet. If you do not know what Ringhop Party is, well, it is for junior Maritime students wherein they've got to invite gals to attach this ringy something into their finger. (maybe that is for the preparation of their apprenticeship next year) haha. I don't know how to describe it well, but I hope you understood it.

More Randomness All in One Day

1. For the first time in several weeks, I was not late in my Political Science class, and I had the chance to take a glimpse of my crush's smile. (heaven)
2. I just found out how boring our Literature teacher was.
3. My class demonstration in Science Education was postponed, and so did my nervousness.
4. Well, my class demonstration in Geography was pushed through, and thank God I nailed it. I received good comments from my teacher and my classmates.
5. NORSU, my school, has sent athletes to the National SCUAA in Iloilo, and guess what? The SG President texted me and said that our school's representative for the Miss National SCUAA just got the crown. Imagine that? Out of the 15 contingents, she topped and excelled. I am absolutely sure that she will be crowned with laurels when she comes back from the competition. And to think that she is also an Education student. 
6. More things are queuing to be done, and I have so much to do with so little time. But because of that picture above from, I know there is no reason for me to give up.

Oh how time flies faster than ever. ^_^


  1. Go girl! Same here. Hanggang crushes lang. :)

  2. @kuya rei: tamah. haha. the song "pangarap lang kita" seems fitting in this situation of ours. :D

  3. SCUAA sounds familiar. I think meron din dito ng ganun, parang league ng mga state colleges and universities if I'm not mistaken parang counterpart ng UAAP. So kilig you were invited by your crush, enjoy the event.

  4. Haha I luuurve that picture :) so true :)

    Following <3

  5. Idol kaayo tka rolz. Ü chada kaayo ka mu-sulat. hehe. keep it up! sige ra q basa sa imung write-ups. Ü

  6. oh i miss being young: school and crushes. I think that's kind of sweet that your crush asked you on that party thingy. You're right, it's flattering. well good luck pretty. Go get him. haha..

  7. @sey: yes indeed. haha. tagos hanggang buto ang kilig. ^_^

  8. @taytay: thank you to you. have a good day. :)

  9. @nika: bukad pud atay nako uy. heheh. salamat :*

  10. @mayen: i don't know what to do now. hehe ♥

  11. haha :) mao lagi Sis ^_^ haha.

    >> atleast you are still giving your best, oh diba hindi kana nalelate sa social studies mo!! keep it up!! more focus! no pain no gain.

    >> aja lang ng aja!! kaya mo yan!!
    >> quitters never win!!

    >> blog hopping here ^_^

  12. @mich: at Negros Oriental State U :) (NORSU) ♥ thanks for following, btw..


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