Friday, February 3, 2012

Bang, Bang, Reckless Man!

From home to school, with a total of 28 kilometers apart and with almost an hour of travel, I still prefer to go home than board a house/room. But with every commute I make, there is nothing extraordinary about it -- just the humdrum flock of people trying to go home after a good day's work. 

Last night, however, was different, and I found what I was looking for -- an extraordinaire. After I ran an errand to our college, I scurried out of the office and into the busy thoroughfares of the city. I was aware of how late I was in my meeting with the rest of the officers of the Ambassadors For Christ at McDonald's. Regaining my composure after arrival, I gave them a smile and they smiled back while continuing what was discussed. Later, I found myself already seated inside the bus en route Bayawan. I was hungry, tired, and excited to see my bed. 

I stole some nap on the moving vehicle after uttering a short prayer of safety while the rest of the unlucky ones stood beside me, with tight grips on the steel rail. Twenty minutes later, the bus stopped for the nth time to drop a passenger. But before it could accelerate, a sudden screech, a loud thud, and a faint groan were heard almost simultaneously on the back portion of the bus. Everybody had their initial reactions and the once silent bus buzzed with murmurs. I, for one, thought that we had a flat tire. Dang! I was supposed to go home early. Then, a woman at the back screamed in terror. "Ginoo ko. Motor!" (Oh my God! Motorcycle [accident])

Most of the passengers rushed out and checked on what happened, together with the driver and the conductor of the bus. Though a journalist, I did not mind checking on the man outside, for I despise gores and groans. Some other commuters preferred to stay inside with me, and just peered through the window. I did the same. I saw one man at the tail of the bus, wrapped in his hooded black sweater, moving. He tried to get up but he can't. His balding head had a slash across its forehead and was filled with dripping blood, although there were no other wounds found around his face. He was still groaning in pain, and a group of local men started to fill the place. They just watched, but nobody tried to help him. Nobody. :(

Everybody started to suspect that the man was either drunk or missed his consciousness for a moment. The fact that the bus was on the right lane and that the tail light was well lit cannot make the motorcycle driver deny that it wasn't his fault. He was moved to another location, safe from passing vehicles and the curious mob. But he still wanted to get up.

this is the best picture my phone can get. please bear with it. :)

The remaining passengers, on the other hand, were forced to get off the bus and were advised to hail another ride since the bus cannot go without the consent of the local police. For thirty long minutes, the wounded man waited for aid, but no ambulance came, although one passenger said that she had already called for help. For thirty long minutes, the man moaned in pain. For thirty long minutes, the police car did not come to respond immediately. For thirty long minutes, we waited for another bus to take us home. For thirty long minutes, I yearned more and more to go home and be with my family. Thirty long minutes.

The sadder part of the story is that the driver has to be suspended for what happened. I had a talk with him and he said that it was part of their Preventive Procedure. Even if it was not his fault, he still has to temporarily quit his job, and can only go back to driving after the case is closed. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor man. I saw how gloomy he was with the situation, but he said, "Wala na tay mahimu ana. Nidasmag man s'ya." (We cannot do anything about it anymore.)

For drivers out there, either of motorcycles or cars, please be careful ALWAYS. Our bodies are made by GOD to praise His name, and not to bump it into some fancy yellow hard bus. It is still the best for motorcycle drivers to abide with the law and wear helmet, and for car drivers to buckle their seat belts. May this be a lesson to everyone.


  1. haha! i had this kind of incident too, at araneta cubao. that's why i sold my motorcycle long time ago.

  2. @kuya xan: kayo po ba ang na aksidente? tsk3. yan kasi ang hazard ng motor. scary!

  3. sana sa susunod may mga medics nearby para sa mga aksidente.

    May God gives us protection :)

  4. weee kaya nga di ako pinapayagan ng erpats na magmotor.. tsk

  5. @bagotilyo: kung na nurse pa 'ko, natulungan ko na yon. kawawa nga eh. :(

    @kiko: mas mabuti yon kuya. safer pa mag commute kesa sa mag motor lalo na pag long distance travels.

  6. Poor bus driver he was suspended for an accident he has nothing to do about. I was hoping every motorists woud take precautions especially for the public vehicles cause it's not only their lives which is at stake but that of their passengers as well.

  7. are you kidding me?!?!!? that's crazy!

  8. @jela: predictable. hehe

    @sey: poor man indeed :(

    @vin: not kidding at all. :'(


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