Saturday, February 11, 2012

P.E. Fail Day

"The P.E. Fun Day might have failed, but not the picture-taking part."

Physical Education Fun Day is part of the hidden curriculum of our university wherein all students having P.E. are required to attend and enjoy the games prepared by the faculty of the P.E. Department. Although I am already in my third year, but since I am a General Curriculum Elementary Education student, we were still required to attend the fun day. Our task? Take pictures of the event.

Well, it did not go as planned, a whole-day activity supposed to be. They said that the university president called for the cancellation of the activity because of the bad weather. For me, it was not a good-enough reason to postpone the fun day. My excitement turned to ashes of displeasure as the P.E. Department Head told everyone after the mass that they are free to take pictures and later, go home. Tsk. 

Although it was the worst fun day I have attended, we dropped by the house of one of my closest friends and ate our lunch there. 'Twas awesome!


  1. Aww.. Feeling nostalgic. Naalala ko yung highschool and college ko.. Intramurals! Kung pwede lang na lahat ng games eh pwedeng salihan, sasalihan na. haha.. At ang colorful naman. Colored Tshirts. Isa din yun sa inaabangan lalo na nun college, meron kasing cool Tshirts kada student groups at kada department. haha!

    Fun, fun, fun! :D

  2. Kahit kelan at kht saan, kalaban talaga masamang panahon pati sa business.


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