Sunday, February 5, 2012

A New Brain Game

Friday morning (that was last week) when a friend from the publication introduced me this new game. There were actually two of them so engrossed with something on the monitors of their respective PCs. For curiosity's sake, I watched them as they click on something. At first, I did not get what they were doing. But as soon as I sat on one of the PCs and signed up on the site they referred me to, I got hooked to it myself. Now, I am at an aim to lower my millisecond response in the Lost in Migration game. That's what I fancied the most. Lumosity has an Orange logo, too. hihi.

Check the site out, sign up, play games, increase your intelligence, and invite me as your friend. Let's play LUMOSITY


  1. cheers tayo sa lumosity Sis!!

    I used to play this game before. kaso sobrang nawala ako ng time. nong una nabaliw din ako dito!! lalo na pag nakikita ko result (nyahaha)

    >> eventually nag sawa din!1 pero this is indeed a great intelligent game.

  2. tama ate joy. i enjoy this site very much. haha

  3. haha talaga naman. basta orange patok na patok sayo!

  4. @vic: indeed :)

    @jheng: buti naman na notice mo. hehe. that is how obsessed i am with orange. ♥


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