Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 17

And yes. Another great day again. Nothing's unusual -- I was late again, I came by the office to say, and made another post. At three this afternoon, we will be having our Cheering Squad practice for the Founders Day celebration, after having been able to finish the shooting for the Film Festival yesterday. Yey! I've been busy. *wink*

With nothing else to do, I stumbled upon this photo of Snooki at OMG.yahoo.com and gasped at her bothersome shoes. Nothing's wrong with her beautifully flaunted dress. It's with the neon shoes I got stuck. She could've been better with pumps. 

I ain't a fashion expert but I have to really say this is a disaster.
Helena Bonham Carter in her one-of-a-kind outfit.  Fashion police? Arrest her!
And Lucy Lui with a pink cape?? :/ Big mistake.
Lady Gaga is an epic disaster. 

But with all these rubbles, I found a pretty face. Good thing. And OMG! She is the sister of Kim Kardashian. My net surfing wasn't a waste of time after all. 

Kendall Jenner in the premiere of the 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.'
Pretty, pretty, pretty!


  1. OM! pano pag nag ka hairfall ka! sa kaka practice! ahaha

  2. OM!panoparmagka hair fall ka sa kaka practicw! ahaahhha\

  3. haha...hair fall? di ako takot dyan. nag palmolive yata ako ^_^

  4. hi orange pulps! thanks for responding to my post. i'm sorry that i overlooked following you. i think my click goes to the adiwidgets instead of to the gcf button. i was distracted by those widgets in your blog.
    anyhoo, im following you back now. thanks again!

  5. i think those neon heels would look awesome if paired with the correct outfit.
    i remember seeing Kendall on Keeping Up With The Kardashians a few years ago! i'm quite shocked at how gorgeous she's become.

    thanks for following my blog :)

  6. shanz is prettier...

    hahaha. disasters...

  7. @jona: thank you so much for following me :) i'll keep in touch. ♥

    @gbsb: :)

    @jewel: distracting nga naman talaga. hehe

    @furree: no problemo. thanks for following back. ^_^


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