Friday, October 7, 2011

Welcome Home

He called me last night saying that he is finally coming home. After almost three months, that seemed so long ago, he will be coming back home for me. He said he missed me and that he will make every way possible to be with me very early the next day. I jumped from my bed at the very tickety tock of 11:00 p.m. and prepared myself the whole night. I conquered even the dawning breaks to witness his coming. I did not sleep, I did not bother close my eyelids. That is how I wished for his immediate arrival. 

The cocks have already crowed a cock-a-doodle, but a mere shadow of his stature did not emerge from our front yard. I checked our bamboo-grilled window, hoping that I would see him from a distance; yet, nothing was in sight. I was a little bit disappointed. But I know he will keep his promise of coming home for me. 

I went to school the next day, trying to fight my depression and sleepless night, and did my responsibilities as a student, like nothing happened. It was not an easy thing to do especially that I am still yearning for him to be home. He did not tell me when he'll arrive. He did not respond to any of my short messages. I miss him a lot. I dropped by the cake house later that day, bought a chocolate cake for my mom, and hailed a bus home. 

He seemed to have forgotten his promise. He did not go home as promised. He was not a man of his word.

Now that I have laid my bag on the seat of our little abode and went to the kitchen to give my present, there I found him. He was smiling at me. It was a dear smile indeed. He need not say anything because his sweet message is evident in his gestures. I did not wait for him to say that he missed me. I immediately gave him my warmest hug and said, "Welcome home..."

"...Welcome home SEMBREAK."
*big grin*

And that is how I welcome the Semestral Break! ^_^


  1. Aww.. haha! akala ko kung ano na, si Sembreak lang naman pala. lol..

    Welcome home, sembreak! :)

    The puppy's cute. :D

  2. How romantic naman...have a romantic sembreak

  3. @leah: char lang para may bumasa..hehe

    @gbsb: di naman sembreak lang naman dumating eh :) hehe

  4. You had me at The cocks have already crowed a cock-a-doodle. The cocks.

  5. Karon pa ko naka notice nga muhilak diay ni sya Orange...

  6. A happy ending :)

    Thanks for dropping by

  7. you got me! :) hahaha. I was really looking a name there. hahaha
    anyway, I'll add you on my list. This is really a GREAT site :))) have a nice day! :) Keep smiling :)

  8. you got me there. i was guessing as I read your story, thinking whether it's your boyfriend or your father. boo! it's just sembreak! have a blast. :D

  9. @lina, pochi, and apple: thank you for reading ;) I really gotcha..hehe..have a great day in the Lord.

  10. @albert: i really got the original size kay kung i resize, dili mu cry-cry.. :)


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