Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pero Char Lang

I could hardly open my eyes but I have to wake up and prepare for school. There are so many things to finish even if it is already semestral break -- modules to encode, lesson plan to prepare for individual demo, program for our farewell party, blah, blah! These are all supposed to be done by a group but as usual, the leader does all the work. And now, I'm stuck with myself inside the office to finish everything before the deadline -- or else we're all dead.

I have been involved in another morbid scene last night, and my old folks are to blame. No need to elaborate. I have given a good cry and now, my eyes have swollen a good swell. Not good. Life must go on though. College hassles are yet but passing, and soon, I am going to miss these moments. So better enjoy stuffs, no matter how tiring, before they're totally gone. 



  1. Hahahaha! Char lang na!
    Awh! Dba napuling ra man ka ug piso?
    hahahahah!! emotera pod ka! ;'(

  2. hahaha....napuling ra gani...dakung pagka puling ;D hubaga jud sa akong eye bags

  3. if given a chance..i love to go back to school!

  4. what happened to your eyes Rolyn?

    char lang...

  5. @iya: you're a graduate already? :)
    @albert: gi paak ug ok-ok..haha

  6. ha? as in? gpaak ug ipis???? la ko kita.

    btw, gwapa ra man japun.
    *pero char lang* :DD no, it's true :)

  7. nice work. visit me back and give ur comment.

  8. @te rina: char lang nang ipis..hahaha

    @econ: thank you :)

  9. what happened?
    yay... kulet ko naman, sabi na ngang no need to elaborate eh!! tsktsktsk... hihi

    anyways, kaya mo yan!! life is beautiful after all.. aja!

  10. @ferry: a little problem with my family. ^_^ but praise God na resolve din...


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