Friday, October 7, 2011

Sense(less) Rants of a Sleep(less) Child

This is the product of the author after trying to be awake from 11:00 p.m. 'til the hour of the examination the next day. The studying was rather effective, but not all the items studied came up. It was a little disappointing. This poem could tell it all, though some lines I do not even understand.

The soft breeze has come
To tell me a secret
Saith he, "Clouds are pink cotton balls,
Swirls of happiness it could be."

I glanced and drew a line of grin
Bid goodbye to the freezing teardrops
The apple juice is melting
In a meringue of pensive spills

Nothing can write this happiness 
Even oceans cannot ink my pen
Through sleepless nights, restless days
Leaves aren't enough be the paper.

But this sweet puree of caramel smiles
Will muster a thousand miles
That secret dungeon I will trance
Be found, oh lovely cerulean heart.


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