Thursday, October 6, 2011

Examination Hypes

I have still found myself in the confines of this torturous week. Finals Week, it is. Tomorrow is Friday and I have three more examinations to go. But even if this is the hatest week of all college students, I know I still have reasons to thank for.

Orange Pulps on Tuesday. I was about to grab my notes and plaster it in my brain but I found myself trapped in my lazy bones. I couldn't help but worry on what to answer in my Physics exam. Nothing seemed to register into my hippocampus. Just as I was refreshing myself for a review, I received a text from a classmate saying that my teacher had exempted me in her exam because of a good grade. Waaaaaaaahh! Thank you ma'am. You're so kind.

Orange Pulps on Wednesday. Our "major major" fear had come but I did not do anything to conquer it. I did not know where to start studying for our Ecology examination. Another text came in, saying that the examination was postponed to Friday, because of the Teacher's Day celebration. Hahaha! Thank you again ma'am. Thank you Teacher's Day. You saved the day.

Orange Pulps on Thursday. That is today. First thing in the morning, we had our essay examination in Ed8. He said we will have three questions to nail. But when he gave his final instructions, he told us to choose one of three to answer in depth. With free lollipops for the brain pa. Thank you sir.

Three more hypes to go. I will survive. YEAH!


  1. hahaha....the lollipop did mind keeps on supplying me with ideas as the exam runs through...

    goodluck sa inyong eco, sa ed 9 mamaya...

  2. Goodluck! :) Memories from college are still rather lucid. I used to NOT sleep during finals week. :-p

  3. i share your sentiments in a postponed sort of way. next week pa kasi finals namin. hehe. good luck :) God bless.

  4. it's not really my habit to study. because if i'll study and i'll get a poor score, i might get crazy! so i better not. and besides, if you'll just listen to your discussion 100% then you'll be having no problem. i skim and scan though. :)

  5. @albert: check...the eco was okay..ed9 was less okay..hay!

    @aria: thanks :) I know I will be missing these moments soon, after I graduate..

    @rei: salamat..God bless din sa exams ninyo

    @jelai: I usually do skim and scan..but it's better for me to study talaga :)


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