Friday, January 22, 2010

It's Almost Over
by Carrots

I feel lucky today. I sneaked into the office and checked if there is an internet connection. And lucky me for there really was. This happens once in a blue moon so I'll take this opportunity to make as many posts as I can. (wow! naging active yata!...)

Anyway, this is not my purpose in making this post. I just want to unwind myself with the pressure that I am still feeling today. I have an incoming exam in ICT this afternoon and I only have absorbed almost one half of the lessons. Our teacher did not give us any pointers but I do hope the test items won't be that hard.

Next week is going to be the revelation week. The teachers are going to check the papers and I am still unsure if I can pass in all my subjects or not. It's cross-finger time. (mura ug naninuod jud ug tuon)

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