Thursday, January 21, 2010

I Will Forget
(if fate permits)
by Carrots

The obsession has finally declined but it has not totally left me. Although I have not seen him for quiet a long time now, I can still remember him by the way he smiles. Now I made a promise that I will totally erase him in my mind. (kaya ba ni nako??...pagka walei)

As long as I will not see him again, I can make it. But every time I see him even just from a distance, my heart begins to race again like what I always feel when I was in high school. I cannot define my feelings for him but assuredly, it's not love noh! This is just an extreme obsession. Nothing more.

Alright, I have said enough about this over repulsive emotion of mine. I can still live without a crush. There are many cute guys around anyway (mantiniron na lang...hahaha) and I have God, my dudes, and my "pamilya sa kanunayng panabang" who loves me. I am happy to be single again. (ha?....single nasad kay la na man crush...ana diay na??)

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