Thursday, January 28, 2010

Try To Share (if you don't want to look like the Grinch)

Not everyone are kind and generous, I realized. After knowing that my sister has been deprived of the information that she was supposed to know, I felt that not all of us can be lucky in all situations. Good thing I was not there when that happened 'coz if I was, I could have slapped her classmates with harsh words. I can't do that in public but I can defend my sister in my own little cunning way. (evil laugh)

My father had a chance to tell me what happened in the cafe. He was as disappointed as I am when he told me that my sister's classmates did not share the site of their assignment.

My sister, Everon, with another close classmate of hers, arrived at the cafe just to see two of her other classmates feasting with the answers that they have recently found. Everon did not find it and she tried to ask for the site (site lang naman ang hiningi, not the answers...what's wrong with that?) However, they did not give them any hint. Nada!

One of the greedy classmates happened to be the first placer in the first grading and second placer in the second grading. Now, in their third period, she has declined to the third place. My sister, on the other hand, rose from the ranks from being the eighth to the fourth and to the third placer, respectively. Currently, they are sharing the same spot.

Now, it came to my senses. She doesn't want to be stepped over by some non-honoree elementary pupil (before). However, the competition is super unfair.

It's my time to reminisce the past [again].

Our professional math geek, who happens to be the best student because of her academic performance, would always give us the answers to the math and physics problems in the test papers and in home works. She is always helped by another major number geek.

We would always get the same scores in quizzes and exams in math and since the teacher was a "bulldog who loves to talk to Tinker Bell", she never discovered the anomaly.

That kind of craziness does not exist in my sister's school, unfortunately--the total opposite indeed. So I think she really has to be patient and be more studious to prove to anyone, most especially to greedy friendly-like grinches, that karma silently awaits for its vengeance. (evil laugh...louder this time)

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