Monday, July 25, 2011

The Wednesday Man

Every Wednesday is a glittering day. Why? Because this is the only day wherein our History teacher meets us. Does it sound amazing or what? Aside from the fact that the subject (and the teacher) is boring, it has also similar and connected lessons to our Philippine Literature subject. 

For three weeks now, it has become his habit to skip Mondays and Fridays. Whatever his reasons are, it's not helping. It's just making the whole situation worse. And every time he meets us, he gives us either an oral or written examination. 

I wanted to report him to the administration for being an irresponsible teacher but I still don't have enough of the nerve to do so. I just hope that he will realize how behind we are in our lessons and that he will minimize his absenting if he does not want to be reprimanded by the higher-ups. 


  1. Rolensky, do not be afraid, report it to authority so as that fucking teacher will know his wrong conduct,,,,.:P

  2. haha..I might not do so :) I'll do it later..haha

  3. @albert: if you can relate then maybe we have the same teacher..hehe


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