Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Have Valid Reasons

Something came up and I don't know what but it made me (and many of my classmates) decide to skip my Geometry class today. I have valid reasons though. Take note: VALID.

1. Lazy Bone -- It's not my fault to skip my Geometry class. It was because of the influence of Iyai and Israelli on me, persuading me not to attend. I also blame my lazy bones for not bringing me to the classroom. As what I have said, something just came up, making me decide to stay put and avoid that ugly Geometry class.

2. Boring Subject -- I want my brain to work but not this way. And in order for me not to complicate things, I would therefore say that the subject is indeed boring. Gone were those days when I made serious efforts of learning by myself. I was totally discouraged  by the manner of teaching. If I will force to contain myself in that dimlit room for a longer period of time, I might die of boredom.

3. Lousy Teacher -- Many students said she does not really know how to give an in-depth discussion. I know we are already college students but I think this teacher must also consider that she is teaching a subject that is despised by almost everyone and so she must make a way to alter that perception of ours. However, just like the rest of the Mathematics teachers that I have been into, she's lousy and lax. How, in the world, would a pea-brained creature like me, learn? Better be absent, right?

I know it was not the correct thing to do but sometimes, it's just quite inevitable that your lazy bones would be so strong in stopping you to go to your most hated subject. I just hope it won't happen again.

P.S.: This shocking work-out of the lazy bones did not only take effect on me but also to many of my classmates, too. How coincidental. 


  1. Nah absent na pud. Nage exam ra ba mi ganiha... Lagot...

  2. bleeeh...wala sila nag exam kay ga lain ang paminaw ni mam...ang galing talaga naming mag timing...hahah :P

  3. hahhaha natawa ako sa better be absent, nyahahaha..

    newi i have read some of your post and found out that you are into spreading positivity. ^_^ like me. Lets rock the world with positive thoughts. ^_^

  4. @mg: thanks for dropping a comment :)

    i really agree with you on rocking the world with optimism :) yebahh!


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