Monday, July 11, 2011

God's Timing is the Best Timing

God reserved a seat for me. I was hoping to grab a comfortable seat last Friday when I was on my way to the bus terminal. Since the day after that is the start of a rather fast weekend, many students and workers would flock the terminal to make sure they could go home right in time for dinner. As I slowly made my way to the bus bound for Bayawan, I saw how loaded the air conditioned vehicle was. My feet was still numbing because of an undersized pair of high-heeled shoes and forcing myself to stand together with a couple of passengers would just add the pain.

From a distance, I saw a parked and unlit bus also bound for Bayawan. I quickly boarded the vehicle and looked for a seat. At the far end, I saw one beside a girl from my town. It was the last available seat before all the rest could sit in the extension or stand. My appreciation for God's perfect timing was incessant. I gave a smile to myself and uttered a prayer of thanksgiving and safety. You are the best LORD!

God reserved a V-hire for me. It is the first day of another tedious week. Every Monday, all Education students are required to attend the flag ceremony fifteen minutes before 7 a.m. What a perfect timing indeed because there was brownout in our small town again and I failed to wake up early. I usually prefer a Ceres bus over local jeepneys during Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays because I would surely be late. This time however, there was still no bus passing by the area and as I glanced at my watch, it was already almost 6:15 a.m. and the school is an hour away from home. Oh holy munchies! Where is the Ceres bus when I need it the most?

Good thing a V-hire approached. It is faster than a Ceres bus but smaller and a little less comfortable. Thank God, though, since I was able to make it to attendance checking. I did not honestly make it to the flag ceremony but because of that considerate secretary of ours, I was present.

God made me see that book in our book shelf. Ever familiar of the book "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" by Joshua Harris? It is a good book, and I have one. My father told me not to read it until I can have my boyfriend but I told him it does not need one to know its contents. I am now enjoying it, but I cannot relate to several situations regarding break-ups and "feelings that did not die out." Still, I know through that book that I did the right thing for waiting. I know that my future boyfriend/husband would be blessed enough to have me. He will have all of my heart, and not only pieces of it. (gi luod lagi ko nako :P hahaha)


  1. Hope Orange GOD will show to me my lost calculator. I really need it most...

  2. Only God, not Orange God...haha..maybe someone tulunized it already :) hahaha


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