Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 11

Music on. Articles forming an invisible thread and waiting to be edited. Air-conditioned room. Busy people. Living vessels of hurdy-gurdy like attitudes. This is where my life solely evolves apart from the strains of being an Education student. But with the daily boring flow of my entire college life, fate adds savor to it by bringing me the best serendipity.

Free smiley. The other night, the publication's meeting finished a little late and I have to rush out to catch the last bus home.  Fortunately, a good friend of mine, Lycel, and her boyfriend, offered me a free ride. I did not only get a free fare to the terminal but also had saved a couple of minutes intended to flag for a pedicab ride. 

We were just on time for the last bus to embark out of the terminal. Just on time, I was. I hope I gave them enough of the thank yous before finally loading the bus. Wearing a happy smile, I discovered I have to stand since the bus was already filled with passengers. Another serendipity was the discovery that a family friend I call my tito, who happens to be a pastor, recognized me standing. He gave a poke and an evening greeting while telling the conductor that he will answer my fare. Another chance to keep my money tucked in. Thank you so much Lord.

Relief. After I prayed to bless and help that teacher who humiliated me in front of her class without a fair ground yesterday, I have finally found relief. The comfort given by some my classmates who knew about what really happened added to the wellness of my soul. I am alright now; there is nothing beneficial in holding grudges against anyone anyway. I am freeing the hatred, the pain, and all. Thank you Lord for the help.

More. Our teacher in Ecology was disappointed with the odd performance of some of my classmates whom she assigned to report. Aside from the fact that they did not get her favor, they also gave her a substandard visual aid. Poor them. 

The reporting in History today was a total bore. The three reporters just read everything and did not even explain a thing. So is that what they mean by reporting? Oral reading? Oh my goodness. And to think the teacher gave them big grades, not even suitable to their performance. I am sorry but if I am the teacher, I will have helpful remarks for those three students. 

No class for Geometry. Yehey! Had an early lunch today and almost left nothing in my allowance because of an excessive lunch treat for myself.

P.S. Smile that the world may know how beautiful you are. 

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