Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Queues of What Ifs

What if life is perfect?

What if I am not as slow-poke as I am now? Maybe I might not experience running from the office to our Ecology classroom (which is just less than 35 meters apart) for my first subject in the morning. But come to think of it. Where's the fun in being so good a student? No tensions, no worries of coming in late. Sometimes, it's just good to be me.

What if all my crushes will also have a crush on me, too? Maybe that life would be so easy. I would like someone and I am already sure that he likes me too. Good thing that does not happen in the real world.  Sometimes, it's just fun to watch another girl approach my crush and he'd smile dearly at her. Then, my friends would tell me, "She's the girl." Sometimes, it's just fun to draw a sad smiley on my own face.

What if everyone likes me as me? Maybe that's good. I'll be a friend to everyone. But everyone has his/her own nemesis. There are just people you might somehow not know who are already backstabbing you with criticisms that does not even define the real you. And you will never impress everyone. Knowing someone insecure about you is also good 'cause it boosts your ego and encourages you to improve yourself. Sometimes, it's just fun to meet your mutual nemesis along the way. It makes you smile and make your day.

What if I am not thin? (Just averagely fit) Maybe I'd be jumping for joy. Who wouldn't be happy? That was my greatest wish since I could remember. But there are just advantages for being thin. One is that you can make alibis to refuse a good offer of your friend who was requesting you to be the representative of your college for the Miss Nutrition. *lol* Moreover, you are always suspected to be a little girl when in public utility vehicles and so they prioritize you. And in climbing a flight of stairs, it would be easier to lift your feet and your body. Sometimes, oftentimes even, I am thankful, though thin, that I am healthy and happy. 

Life is not perfect, and God knows why. I know why, too. HE is teaching us to be thankful and appreciative of the simple yet oftentimes unnoticed things in life.


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