Thursday, July 21, 2011

Who Are You Mister?

His face still lingers in my membrane. His kind words were still fresh in my mind. His disposition could still be very recognizable in my whole system. Who could he be? And why did he know me?

Last night, I went home late (as usual) from the office where I finished editing a couple of articles. At the sight of the crowded bus, I quickly decided to stand as long as I can be home before my tummy growls in disgust. Little did I know that someone has already spotted me and was just waiting for the right timing to get my attention. As I was on the first two steps of the bus, struggling to get in, a husky male voice from the front seat called my name. It was unclear at first so I did not mind it. However, the constant call really made me move my head to the direction of the sound.

There, I saw him smiling at me, uttering my name for the last time. "Rolyn." I gave a half smile as a kind response to the stranger. He then asked me, "Mu.uli na ka? (Are you going home?)" I nodded. I was surprised to hear someone ask me that kind of question. The fact that I loaded the bus means that I am really on my way home. I tried to nuzzle in between two passengers and placed my paper bag on a compartment. But I noticed that he did not remove his attention from me. "Diri ka oh (You can take my seat)," he calmly said, giving another smile. My surprise and eagerness to know him hightened. I can't also ask him who he is in front of the crowd. I tried to recall anyone from the past and studied his features carefully. No match. He was a total stranger. I readily refused his offer and said that I would be okay if I will just stand. That was just the time that he turned away from me and settled on his seat.

I fortunately got a seat at the extension later that moment, thank God, but I still can't remove his image in my head. Of all the people that he could offer his seat with, why me? I was flattered with the thought.

I want to know him. I want to get his name. And I just hope fate would allow me to see him again (or he will see me and approach me). That would really be the time that I would ask him who he is. After an hour of travel, I had to unload the bus without even knowing where he's residing or from where he is. He's good-looking, with a clean posture and a cute smile. (Whoa! I said it.) That's why I am plainly interested with him. 

Whoever you are, thank you for the offer. But I just really wanted to know why you know my name. You might as well tell me yours. *echus*


  1. What kind of 'membrane' are you referring here Rolyn? I am quite puzzled...

  2. ambot...basta kay membrane ra gud..hahahaha :P

  3. Aie....nagdadalaga na si Rolyn... hahahaha, spoiler pud ni si albert.... basta kay membrane.!! lisod-lisodon jud.!!!hahaizzzz...

  4. shanz sojor again nang hilabot na pud

  5. hahah..tama na ang bangayan...di yan nakakatulong :)

    @shenmae: i wish I will see him soon, again :)

  6. Albertoh.!!! care mu if mang-hilabot ko? ano kita? tatay???

    Rolynskie.....hehehe,tell me if nakakita naka niya usob....plzzzzz....

  7. An interesting story. In the US (NY) there is a Missed Connections section of the newspaper. A girl named Sophie Blackall reads them and then illustrates the most interesting one. This would certainly fall under that category. You should look her site up. I think you would find it interesting.

  8. @mcgrad89: can you give me a link to her site? I would love to check it out :) Thank you..


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