Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Three Kinds of Teachers

So far, I have found out that there are three kinds of teachers -- the angry-calm type, the calm-angry type, and the calm-calm type. 

Angry-Calm Type. This is the teacher who has a high tone and usually shouts in front of her class. She discusses the lesson with distorted pronunciations and usually talks to her self when presenting the lesson because her students are not interested to listen to her. She spends great time sitting while holding a module as much as she spends her time murmuring to her ego in front of the chalkboard. When she asks questions, she looks at her class record and make those students who have not known her yet shiver in fear. She distorts her face when she emphasizes something and that makes the lesson more meaningful.

In short, she talks like she's angry but the truth is, it's just her natural tone. She's not angry at all. Hook?

*shouting mode*
Teacher: Oki. Soo, how mini orbits are there in da universe Rulin, acurding tu Aristutle? Let us take note that what you research sometimes is not that reliable, oki. Now Rulin, how mini orbits are there agen in the universe accurding to Aristutle?

Calm-Angry Type. This is the kind of teacher who speaks calmly and softly. She delivers the lesson like a very righteous teacher. You will surely be convinced by the way she talks to you about the lesson. She gives this eye-to-eye contact to each of her students so you will really listen intently to what she is talking about. Sometimes, she comes to her class thirty minutes late but her students still wait for her because if not, she might get angry. When she does not like the answer from the student, she does not raise her voice, though she distorts her face a bit. The words she releases from her mouth are all sharp and absolutely painful, so the students should have to have that stoical outlook.

*in a calm but mocking tone*
Teacher: What do you mean again by the first principle of Assessment? You cannot answer? Ga.ya-ya lamang mo...mga buang man dagway mo? Dili na mao uy...Sige lamang mu ug binutol...Pasagad lamang...May pay mamauli mo...Ga.sige ug jud mu.

Calm-Calm Type. This mediates the Angry-Calm and Calm-Angry types. She does not shout in front of her class, does not use insulting or painful words, and is never late in conducting her lessons. She pronounces the words well, though oftentimes students get so sleepy. She uses nosebleeding words and weird terms but students are always left awe-struck with her kind of teaching.

Example: I don't have to give an example, ayt?

So, whose side are you on? :)


  1. i'll guess, your the Angry-Angry type..

  2. MALI :P i am the calm-calmer type... :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. i thought mahaba ang reply mo...hahaha...removed man diay ;)))

  5. Teacher No. 1 is Dr. Ethelraida Tumacole. CHEM 113 lesson: Gases. Real life situation:
    Tumacole (T): Any questions class?
    (Someone raise his hand)
    T: Yes Albert!
    Albert: What makes the sun burn when there is no O2 in the space?
    (T bows her head, moves her eyeballs from left to right, then finally looks up and said)
    T: Mr. Umbac that's your assignment?

    Teacher No. 2 is Electrobolts. Ed 9 lesson: values and indicators. Real life situation:
    Electrobolts (E): gROUP 7, PROMPT GROUP.
    (G 7 Stand in front and reported)
    Albert (A) : The first indicator is, when the child arrives at school early.
    (E interupts)
    E: wrong! Pasagad raman mo og gamit gamit og words... ang inyong inglis ba..and dapat ana 'comes'. When the child ‘comes’ to school early.
    A: Diba synonym ra man na siya ma!
    E: Ay basta.

    Teacher No. 3 is Dr. Pinili. right?

  6. wahahaha...your situation number one was also mentioned by dr bernaldez diba? tola si mam sa imung question...

    and the second teacher, may gaz...ganyan pala ugalo angel2 lang nya diay to grabe kaayo ug dila...tsk3...


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