Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Don't Like You Either

You and I were almost buddies in elementary. You and I were almost lovers in high school. But now that I am in college, I think my admiration for you has finally said its goodbye. No more us. As much as I wanted not to, you have pushed me to hate you now and forever.

I know you don't like me since then. But I forced myself to like you. I spent sleepless nights just to figure out what's the matter with you. I tried to help you with whatever problems you have but you refused and said that you can do it without me. You sought for another love affair and left me hanging. I did not get to have the chance of showing you that I can also love you just like how others love you. Unfortunately, you did not see my worth and took me for granted. You made my life completely dark. I hate you. 

Now, you are trying to win me back. Perhaps, you have finally came to your senses that I am as important as you think I should be. It is too late though. I don't like you anymore. The pulse that was there before has completely died out. I know you can be of use later on, though I do not know when that's gonna happen, but I did not think of it anymore. You are now happy with your new set of friends who has an attitude like you. I have to let go before my head breaks into a million pieces. I'll just have to admit that I am completely worthless when it comes to you. 

Yeah!! Enough of the drama already. Before I completely say goodbye to you, I have a few questions. 

First. Why do you have to be so hard on me?
Second. What is it with other people that is not with me?
Third. Why do you have to be studied all the time when in fact I can live without you?
Fourth. Why are you so boring?
Fifth. Why does my head go blank every time I see you?
Sixth. Why do people like you? Are you that influential?
Seventh. Who made you by the way? I so despise the time you were born. 

If only I could go and ask God to make me love you, oh Geometry, I could have done it. If only I could go and plead for another chance to have the brain of Einstein, oh Geometry, I could have done that. If only I was as intelligent as my classmate, (who is our number one source of answers in all our assignments in Proving) I could have not made this post. Oh Geometry, why? If you don't like me, fine! I don't like you either.

Kala n'yo love story ko 'noh? hahaha...pwes, mali kayo ;)


  1. akala ko yun na... GEOMETRY lang pala..

  2. hahaha...wala ko anang mga love stories run :P but the title is intriguing...that is one way of attracting readers to really read my post til the end...hehehe


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