Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 10

Where the heck did my name go? The publication has finally released its 3rd issue just this afternoon. I was so excited for it to come because I know I made the Features article. I just want to see how it looks like in print. I know that when I will be able to see my name, I will be relieved from whatever anxiety I have inside. Unfortunately, as I scanned the four-paged paper and finally settled on my article, I did not see the byline. What the heck happened? Where did my name go? I was a bit disappointed especially with the person concerned with the lay-outing. But we can do nothing about it already. It has gone into print. Anyway, I'll have my honorarium soon. I only hope it won't happen again, not only with my article but also with the other writer's.

No class, believe me. It was official that all permanent teachers will not hold classes because they are in a meeting. With the information, we still have to come to school and attend one of our classes, Literature specifically, to finish the reporting. I waited 'til the afternoon because I heard another teacher of ours will give an activity even in her absence. We waited for almost thirty minutes but she did not come. I told my unbelieving classmates that the declaration of having no classes was official. There will really have no classes. Why can't they just believe me? We waited and waited and waited for a teacher to arrive. No one did. I told you, there are no classes. :/

The "epal" guy. As we were eating in the canteen right after we went out of our classroom, we were able to sit with a familiar guy. At first, he did not bother talk. But later, he did. He was already asking us about this and that and even threw corny jokes. One of my friends, who's known for her sarcasm, played along with his joke and gave a half-cooked laugh. He did not stand our noise, and when he finally realized that he cannot anymore relate to our conversation, he walked away politely. 

I am back to reading. After taking the white pages of imagination for granted maybe for about a long time already, I am back to reading. This book was suggested by my father along with another pile back home. One at a time, I said. This one is entitled "The Origin of Earth and its People -- Genesis" by Henry M. Morris. It explains about God being the Creator of the universe, and the Earth itself, while stating facts and proofs that evolution is the wrong concept of the Earth's beginnings. 


  1. How sad!!! Blame it to Caballes!!!....hahahahahahha...anyways, as if you need more're already "THE ROLYN JANE P. CATANUS"...right?

  2. hahaha....thanks for erasing my name really owe me big time :))) hehe

    anyway, we're still having a good job....yehey!


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