Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We're Stronger Than You Think We Are

Yes. I repeat. We are stronger (and better) than you think we are. You might be fond of making critiques in our paper but try critiquing yourself and your responsibilities as individuals? Let me see if you have had any useful  accomplishments and contributions to the university yet. 

Who are you by the way? You are just students like us, but the big difference is that you are completely ignorant of what we are doing. You are completely without any know-how of what a real publication is. You are completely incapable of doing what we are doing, and though you will say that we are incompetent, try to look at yourselves. Now tell me, who's more incompetent?  

Making those silent "retributions" do not make us a little less of a publication. We are proud that we go out weekly. Can you do that? We interview the president and ask him confidential questions about issues in the university. This is for the sake of the students, for the sake of you. Now, can you do that?  

We have been into these criticisms for the nth time already but we did not quit. It is not in our motto. We fight! We write! You only do fighting, but you do not know how to write. I mean, look at your posts in your freakin' ugly group online. Are you even aware that you are posting grammatically incorrect statements? Please assess yourselves before making any move to destroy the institution whose only aim is to help the students and give voice to the voiceless. 

We admit we are not perfect, and we commit errors every time. But we learn. We are open-minded people. I think you must also do the same thing 'cause I think that is the one thing you haven't learned in your whole existence yet. 


  1. Bravo Rolyn!! They are just students like us who knows all about "quantum" (that is what they are bragging on their group), but who cares?
    NORSU chemistry students are really incompetent,jealous, plastic. I don't care if I will enter on their classrooms and attend my chemistry subjects, it's not their building anyway. It is paid by the taxes of the Filipino people and I am one of those.

  2. haha...correct :P they are just proud of their that what they can brag? we want more by the way...if they can't show anything more, I really think they have to stop bullying because they really are just making fun of themselves, and not us... :))

  3. quote and quote "Freakin' ugly group online", uy, may ganito ka na pala ngayon...

  4. asteeg.. maypa mugama silag chemical nga makapagwapo/gwapa nila. Panget na nga ng pagmumukha, panget pa ng ugali. Kaya hindi umaasenso ang pinas e. oops! rakenrol

  5. kenneth: sorry...just carried by my emotion :) haha..pero pwede na rin :)))

    tonio: tamang tama...they are just super duper insecure of our pretty faces, air-conditioned office, honorarium, parties, parties, and parties. hahaha...nya ilaha? quantum ra... :P


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