Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Cuppy Cake Song

By Amy Castle when she was three years old. I just love this song.

I made this my ringtone and alarm tone. I even heard my younger sister sing this song this morning when she was half awake. I know she had plans of jumping out of bed but before doing so, she made sure that she has finished singing the song first. 

I made this the theme song of my circle of close friends including Israelli and Rhea. The first time they heard it, they had LSS over their heads and they can't stop asking me the complete lyrics of the song. 

Cuppy cakes, anyone???

Here is the lyrcis, by the way, if you wish to know what Amy was singing about. :)
You're my honeybunch, sugarplum 
Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my
sweetie pie
 You're my cuppycake, gumdrop
Snoogums-boogums, You're the 
apple of my eye
And I love you so and I want you
to know that I'll always be right here
And I love to sing sweet songs to you
because you are so dear.

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