Friday, July 22, 2011

Random Thoughts Part 12

Almost stranded. What I love about rainy nights is that it makes the humid environment cool, making me think with coolness, too. The unfortunate thing there, however, is when I am still in the pub and I have no umbrella with me. The worse thing is to discover that I have not brought an extra attire to replace my uniform. I really have to drench myself under the droplets of rain if I want to really go home. 

Earlier last evening, the rain stopped after seemingly draining all that was left of the heavens. I know it told me to go home already but I did not heed. I assured myself that it will not rain again. I decided to just finish the editorial that I was working on and then I'll go home with some of my colleagues. Unfortunately, the heavens did not cooperate with my plan. It once again rained, an hour later perhaps, and the whole campus was soaking wet. If I will force myself to brave the moisty environment, I would reach the bus terminal like a freezing little chick. I had to wait for some time before going out. But my patience has worn out and I really have to go if I still wish to catch the last trip home. Though it did not cease, I was still thankful I did not reach the terminal soaking wet. 

Oh how I love the rain!

A tiring trip. I was amicably hungry, drained, and all. I wanted to sleep in the bus but I also had to endure the hardships of standing with the crowd because there are no more seats available. The ache on my feet because of the high-heeled shoes traveled to my entire system. I wanted to pass out. Good thing two passengers embarked the bus and gave way to two of the passengers for the seats -- of course, one was for me. Thank you Lord!

Helping out. Somebody texted me early this morning about a predicament he has with his family. He was already spilling the beans regarding the situation of his mother and father. I did not know what to do. I am not the counselor kind of gal and I do not know much of what its  like to be a crying shoulder. But I did try my best to comfort him through text. I never knew the impact of that text until the moment he said thank you to me and that my presence even just via text was already a relief. I am just glad I have helped someone out, if that was called helping.

Aside from the problem he shared, he also told me a secret about his personal life. And that would remain an overwhelming secret.

The blessing. No one could really tell when blessings could arrive. I just had mine this morning while riding on that Ceres bus again. I do not have to explicate the whole scenario and all. But I will never forget that kind-hearted friend and a brother in Christ who passed a blessing to me. May God bless him always and his family. 

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