Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rock-a-bye Baby

It's all in the news -- from blogsites, to social networking sites, to the cellphones, and even up to the schools and universities. He is once again famous. He is once again the talk of the town. 

Because of him, I was forced to jump out of bed this morning. Because of him, everyone in my family did the same and uttered personal silent prayers of safety. Because of him, who came back a couple of minutes later, I had an ultimate "dizzy" experience. Though my phone was filled with texts and general messages about him, I took it for granted because I do not have any load to reply them all. 

On the later part of the afternoon, as our teacher was busy discussing a topic on Language Arts and I was about to fight my droopy eyes for the nth time, he came back, rocking us all like babies. Our teacher somehow reacted and almost lost balance. She then instructed to cover our heads with something hard. We were on the third floor that time and calmly went down the open court to join the rest of the pale-faced students who also had their share of the shock.

Introducing Mr. Earthquake. He is not new to our vocabularies, but a stranger to our town. Since my eighteen years of living like a child, it was my first time to experience three earthquakes for one day. What's more disturbing was the fact that it was not only felt by the Negrenses (people living in Negros Oriental) but also by other neighboring islands, with which has a stronger intensity than our place. It made me think how they're doing now. 

God knows that this is happening. And I know that this is just one of the signs of times. Jesus is coming back soon. But I pray, dear Heavenly Father that this will not happen again. Amen.


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