Monday, August 23, 2010

Too much of the PDA!

I finally finished changing my uniform and I am all set for our English role play practice in the Freedom Park. I tried to drag my friend with me but it seemed to be of no use since she is inside her ever demure attire of blue blouse and pencil with a pair of high-heeled shoes. Our small but quick steps made it easier for me to think that we are already nearing the park. 

Not long after, I had a catch of the venue --- verdant, populated, and not a solemn place at all. However, I was a little bit distracted when my peripheral view caught someone whom I wanted to see and at the same time the face I did not want to remember. Okay! Enough of the three-second drama. 

I then mingled with some of my Education mates in one of the benches in the Freedom Park, sharing jokes and irrelevant chats with them. Not long after, something caught our eyes. It was an ordinary afternoon but that sight seemed to make their dusk boredom more meaningful. They were already laughing and making plots for the scenery as well as complimenting chortles with it. They seemed to be very satisfied.

This is not so surprising at all --- two lovers --- the girl a high school student and the boy a Sillimanian (or perhaps it was only his shirt that tells he is from S.U.) sitting on a bench right across ours, sharing not only intimate hugs but also kisses, not only kisses on the cheeks but also on the neck, the hands, the forehead, the lips and the body part below the neck. (I guess you already know what body part that is). The obscene scenery did not only make my stomach turn into a swirl of butterflies but also made me think that they have been showing too much of their so-called 'love'. Their petting seemed to last forever. My goodness! Get a room.

Yes! It is a Freedom Park and everyone can do whatever pleases them. But they could have thought that there are other people watching and fooling around, just waiting for somebody to commit slight mistakes for them to have something to laugh at. 

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