Monday, August 2, 2010

Midterm 101

And timer starts now.

Monday -- No exam in the morning. One in the afternoon. I am looking forward to the result of my chapter test in Chemistry. My coming midterm exam in that subject depends on that righteous result. Exempted or not? Who knows?
Tuesday -- I ain't hectic in the morning but two exams are awaiting in the afternoon. And it's gonna be good for both are my major subjects. No exemptions. Just religious memorization and religious memorization. Hoot. I'm having goose bumps.
Wednesday -- Single subject, coming right up! If I am going to be exempted in Chemistry, no exam. Rejoice! If I have, then I have to take it. Study. Study. Study.
Thursday -- My favorite subject's gonna display its stench. I still have to study for me not to fail. And I haven't made the script yet. Oh my golly! How am I supposed to do it?
Friday -- Last day of the exam. Two subjects, another two majors. I don't like the other one while I hate the other one. Both aren't my field -- memorization and problem solving. But between the two, I'd rather memorize.

Beating the Exam Monster
1. Know your schedule. Never forget to set your time and arrange it for you to have enough preparations for the upcoming examinations. A week before the test, make sure you already have with you your schedule so that you can organize the subjects that you will study. Do not cram and think of studying everything in one setting. Make sure you have extra time to inhale and exhale for you not to be stressed.
2. Find a quite place to study. Look for a place where you're comfortable like your bedroom or the c.r. Try to isolate oneself so that you can digest every word.
3. Memorize and internalize. It's good to memorize since it is the best way for you to remember what you have studied. But make sure you have understood what you have memorized for you to retain the thought in case you forgot the correct wordings of the topic.
4. Wind up a bit. Do not force yourself to study everything if you cannot. Find time to relax, get enough sleep, laugh with friends, find time to talk to your family members and read the Bible so that your mind and your heart will be refreshed and enlightened. Be sure to also have proper intake of food and fluid.
5. Pray. This is the best thing a student should do before studying, after studying, and before taking the exam. Ask God to guide you and enable you to have presence of mind in the midst of the brain twisting.

This week is going to be a laborious one and my brain needs a lot of peanuts. So help me GOD!

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