Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 'C' word

Most people here in the office, if not trying to hold back the green oozes in their noses, are trying to hide the itch in their throats so as not to cough disturbingly. Outside the four walls of this confinement, however, studes seemed to be very healthy and too distant from the malign powers of Monsters Cough and Cold.

I had this cough and cold since last week and the medication that I am taking does not show any cooperation with my wellness. No signs of progress at all. I still have this sleepless nights because I can hardly breath. My nose is like being plastered with tampons and making my mouth the alternative entrance for breathing is such an uncomfortable situation. Who would ever say that they can sleep in such style? 

I am thankful though that I am done with that three-day fever that did not only affect my physique but my studies as well. As the news about friends and acquaintances who also suffered the same situation reached my ear, I thought it has been the season for these two monsters to spread their poisonous tentacles to those who do not have enough resistance to fight back. Good job to both the Cold and Cough Monsters but I hope this is going to end as soon as possible. Mothers and fathers cannot anymore afford the left and right expense of Mefenamic Acid, Biogesic, Neozep, Bio Flu and other 'effective' medicines.


  1. inom daghan tubig rolz....
    mas epektive na and cheaper kaysa medicines..*(:

  2. ..i've been doing that te cah...nothing seems to be working...ahay..maka ulaw na jud nih..


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