Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I have been living my life in the past few days in neutrality and the only challenging part there is waking up in the middle of the night to study for an incoming examination while eating the remaining bread in the refrigerator. Nothing awesome yet. But there are things that I am looking forward to and though not interesting enough to be talked about, I am willing and open to share these stuffs with those who'll be able to read this post before it's gonna pop into an ooze of brown and white ink and evaporate in thin air. :o

I am almost done with my visual aids in Ed3. It might look and sound tiring (and I tell you it is) but the effort that has been exerted on it to have a good grade is fair enough. I will be looking forward to the accomplishment of that project since another pile of deadlines are coming.

I am almost meeting every newbie. We recently had our orientation of the new writers. Congratulations to them. Now that they are the newbies and we are the oldies, the feeling has become different. Before, we were the ones instructed to do this and that and to beat the deadline of this and that article. But now, the demands of having on-the-dot articles and write-ups come from us. Doesn't that sound great? We indeed have moved a notch through time. Anyway, that does not also mean that we will exploit our position as oldies just to give them all the responsibilities of the publication. It still has to be shared for it is the primary reason of their presence.

Although not all of them showed up in the orientation, I am looking forward to meeting and knowing them and I hope that no one is going to quit because he or she cannot take the pressure anymore. Much expected are their impressive performances during the two-month training period and their desirable attitudes in the tasks that they are in.

I am almost skin and bones. I was born thin and underweight but I never expected me to be so thin these days. I can feel how my sister's pants can fit into my tiny legs already and how they can fit well with the blouses that I have. Oh my goodness! I have tried my best to eat as many as I can in one meal but it seems like there is no progress. Instead, it has even deteriorated into a disturbing sight. I have not stepped into a weighing scale for almost two years now and I am wondering how light I am now. As I look at the mirror everyday before I get dressed, I feel so abnormal with the disposition I have. This, certainly, is going to take forever. 

I am almost in love. Aw? Almost lang naman and I would do everything to defile that so-called fate who's trying to connect us. I know I'll win. I don't have to jot the story down. Alam kong alam mo na. (Wala na baya ko ana kay busy ang life. Liting noh? hehe;)

I am almost there. Almost done with the midterms, almost done editing, almost done making this post....and finally, it's done.

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