Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Patience please!

For the first time in the history of TN meetings (that I have attended), last night's was the longest yet the most satisfying. Real feelings were spilled and tears coupled the emotional break-downs of the staffers. The newbies had no idea of what it was about so they were excused. The religious discussion and the reconciliation then began.

Anyway, that was only part of the whole "patience" thing. As I tried to make my way into the house where I was offered to stay, I thought of ways on how to explain to them what we did in the meeting. There I finally was, standing in front of that narrow green gate. The towering walls of the neighboring houses made me look disturbed.  When I started to yell "ayoooo", my embarrassment heightened. I have been howling for almost five minutes already and it seems like nobody heard me. I once again checked the surroundings just to make sure that I am not barking on the wrong tree. I made successive yells once again, hopeful that I would be heard from the inside. I tipped and saw that the lights are open but no one is responding. Perhaps, they forgot to turn off the lights before they slept. If not because of my father who miscalled the owner of the house, I could have definitely stayed in my position the whole night. As estimated, I was standing and waiting for someone to open the gate for almost seven minutes and though it is just a small figure, that moment alone in a strange place seemed like to end forever.

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