Monday, August 2, 2010

The Queen is Back

After three weeks of keeping quiet and escaping from the world of showbiz, Kristine Bernadeth Aquino is once again here -- to be back to work, to face the issues pelted on her, to fix the reputation of her family, and to find another guy.

She was not only given a new noontime show, she was also praised by some of her friends (which we do not know if true and sincere ones) for being so "palaban" and being strong in the relationship-turned-nightmare that she had with James Yap. How could they afford to give her such compliments when in fact they have seen how messy her life is. She has two sons now and the father of those kids left her. Perhaps, because of her self-centeredness and hypocrite actions. She has been living in a lie since the moment she began to be filthy famous and started shifting relationships from one man to another and crying in national television between those crashing news.

She's an Aquino by blood and her father and mother have done something very significant to the democracy and the freedom of the country. Now that her brother is sitting on the highest chair in the government, I hope she will not stain the washed reputation of her family. (But she seems to be weaving another issue now and the whole Philippines is a leak away to ruining her and her family again.) So far, she is the only sibling in the family which has been enveloped with controversies and gossips. The rest are having a happy family with successful businesses and productive aids for their fellow Filipino.

The queen is back and a new scene is to be awaited -- the uproar of the new tandem, Jun Jun Binay and Kris Aquino. Chocolate and milk, anyone?

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